Our speciality is helping to make the dreams of others come true. This might happen in a number of ways. For example, we might help an author of a specialised self-help book publish his book, set up a website for him, help him with his marketing and arrange to sell the book on his behalf. It is likely that such a product would be of interest to only a small number of people and would, therefore, be a high value product. By using our services the author would be attempting to realise a much higher return than if he published in a conventional manner.

We would also hope to bring this book to the attention of those wishing to find out more about the specific subject and thus open up a channel through which they can obtain the information that they desire.

The products that we help with are usually very high profit margin items which can be sold by mail order. For example, cosmetics, fashion, printed manuals or books, DVD, video or CD based. We have excellent contacts for producing many of these in either small or large quantities. We can also help maximise revenues by the use of eBooks.

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